Ajude uma família na Nigéria doando Bíblias - Doações que ultrapassam fronteiras.

Hoje, pela manhã, me deparei com um email da Nigéria pedindo doações de Bíblias. Ora vista, as necessidades daquele país, senti o desejo de repassar para todos que freguentam este site. Sei que você ajudará de uma forma ou de outra doando uma bíblia para a Mami Izewanokor missionária da nigéria.

Logo abaixo, você poderá ler o email na integra, e se não entender use o google tradutor:

Dear friend in the Lord,

Calvary greetings to you there in Jesus lovely. It is a blessing reaching you through this medium and I pray that we get to know each other better. Getting your email now and writing is the first step to our relationship. I did some translation before reading your web site.

I am a Sister in the Lord and blessed with three children and my husband Michael. I am a teacher by occupation and teach in an elementary school. I work hard, 6 days a week just to pay our bills and have no left over as Michael has no job. I tithe my salary and the Lord blesses us with so much Joy, Favour and Peace in our lives when we put our trust in Him. I don't know what I would do without Christ. He is my All in All. I was also touched by Christ in 2000 and have spent the last 10 years learning from Christ' Spirit to walk obedient and freely with and in God's Kingdom. It too has been difficult for me, but difficult is the Way and few find it. So as we now know more about each other from across the world, please pray for me however the Lord instructs you to pray for me, and pray for my husband Michael who is not strong in the faith. He is a believer but he lacks understanding at times, which increases the difficulty in my walk. We are members of a small local church of about 60 members in the outskirt of the town. I help to coordinate the women section as I’m educated a little to help. I also sing in the choir and join the women outreach to reach out to other women in our community especially the Muslim women. Today I’m able to reach you through the help of the school computer connected to internet.

I have a need for Bibles and this is the area I want you to assist us. Bibles cost too much here especially the type we are looking for which is the Dakes Bibles. Please I need your help for two Dakes Annotated bibles large print for me and Michael. Dakes Bible has a lot of study helps that would help to explain the bible to some one who do not understand much of the bible. We uses the King James Version in our church. I also want to use this opportunity to ask for 3 Dakes Annotated bibles large print for 3 old mothers in our church. These are mothers eager to study God’s word but cannot have it. Please help and may God bless you as you help. You can send bibles to me through the post office service. Such Bible is sold at Amazon.com. You can see it at ( http://www.amazon.com/Dake-Annotated-Reference-Bible-KJV-Large-Print/dp/1558291210/ref=pd_cp_b_3 ). They also sell at cbd ( http://www.christianbook.com/kjv-dake-annotated-reference-bible-hardcover/9781558290730/pd/07377 ). Please send the bibles to Mami Izewanokor , #165 Ighodaro Ede Street-Gpo 3023, Benin City, 300001, Edo State, Nigeria.

Please pray for the women outreach here. We reach out at least thrice weekly to mostly the Muslims women. We show them all the love we can despite the fact that they are very hostile to Christians. It is amazing how God is working in the hearts of the Muslim women here as many are converted. It is challenging to love people who may be hostile towards us, but God calls us to love our enemies and he will supply us with the love to do it if we surrender to him. For God is love, and we can only love because he first loved us, and his love is only made complete in us, when it transforms our hearts and outflows into every aspect of our lives. (1 John 4:7-21)

May his blessings be upon you and please write soon.
Your Sister in Christ,
Mami Izewanokor

My contact address is
#165 Ighodaro Ede Street-Gpo 3023,
Benin City, 300001, Edo State,

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